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Video Services

We provide quality video services for your wedding or event.  We have been in the business of video for over 10 years and have videoed many weddings and events over the years.  If you are looking for a quality experience look no further than us to capture those special moments on your beautiful day.

Many options are available to meet any budget so don’t hesitate to contact us.  Also, if you only need video services, we can do that as well without the requirement of other services.


We use hand picked vendors to provide services for your wedding or special event.  In fact, we hold and expect the level of service to be provided by these companies to meet our expectations of extremely high quality.  In short, if we would not feel comfortable using them personal for our wedding or event, we will not use them for your event.  We also offer wedding and event packages  that are all inclusive that will meet your specific event needs.  Contact us to discuss your personal needs or to get a quote.

Professional Photography Services

Capturing that special day is important and that is why you need to be able to trust your photographer to do exactly that.  We only use talented photographers to be part of any service we offer.  In fact, once the photographer to be used is determined, you will be able to view their website or past event photos to feel comfortable about the skill level of the photographer.

Catering Services

We have partnerships with several restaurants and independent caterers so we will be able to meet your needs.  Whether you are looking for Italian, American Bistro, Traditional Holiday Meals, Latin food or even Barbeque, we have you covered.  Depending on the cuisine chosen, cost will vary.

Limousine Services

We have relationships with several limousine companies within Central Florida and South Florida areas, so we can accommodate your needs.  Each company costs vary, but you can be assured we will get a competitive price for your event.

Other Services

We realize that the need for other items such as reception or party locations, floral arrangements, decorations and several other options can be stressful.  We are here to hlep you relax by doing all the work for you.  If you are looking for a wedding dress or tuxedo we can point you in the right direction.  If you need to just locate a minister, notary republic or other individual qualified to perform the ceremony we can help you with that too.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next event.  We are here to help you acheive the most rememorable day in your life.

DJ Services

We can help secure a DJ for your next party or event based on the style of music you prefer.  All music styles will be made available to meet your specific event needs with music ranging from traditional wedding songs, R & B, Techno, Rap, Alternative and even Rock/Metal.


DJ Services

Limo Services

Photography Services

Video Services

Miscellaneous  Services

Services Quick Links

Gold Package

The Gold Package provides complete services related to every aspect of the wedding.  This is truly the premier package for the ultimate experience.

Bronze Package

This Bronze Package is similar to our gold package, but it is scaled down to fit a moderate budget while still maintaining g quality.  

Silver Package

Our Silver Package provide the basic needs such as photography and video and basic catering.  more

Packages are customized to fit the budget and specific need of each client.  The above packages are just a few suggested items to consider.